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Yes, those are really Ron Aigle’s abs!

Ron Aigle offers personal training services with a reputation for honesty and confidentiality which is essential for a productive personal trainer/client relationship, leading to a healthier and more confident lifestyle.

His successful techniques coupled with appropriate intensity developed into a solid fitness foundation that gave birth to Design by Fitness (Personal Training) and Be Fit JC (Boot Camp) in Downtown Jersey City.

Ron was born in Trinidad and educated at South Bank University, London and holds a degree in Exercise Physiology. He is highly regarded for his successful weight loss and cross-training programs; using a combination of cardiovascular exercise, resistance exercises, strength training and deep stretching to develop wellness programs that deliver optimal results for individuals and corporate clients.


Why hire a Personal Trainer?

A qualified personal trainer is someone who has the expertise, educational background and diagnostic know-how to design an individualized exercise program.

Once your trainer has found out what your goals are, he or she can tailor a program to help you achieve them.


Aren’t trainers for the elite?

In fact, personal training has proved so effective it has spread well beyond the realm of the rich and famous.

Today, personal trainers are used by people at all fitness, age and economic levels-and from all over the world-to help make lifestyle changes those people couldn’t achieve by themselves.

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What is a Training Session like?

At the beginning of your first private exercise session and consultation, your trainer will discuss your fitness/weight loss goals, health issues and/or injuries and customize a nutrition plan just for you.


What are the Fitness Benefits?

Motivation. A trainer will help you develop the incentive to stick to your exercise plan.

Guidance. Your trainer will teach you correct form, which will maximize efficiency and effectiveness and minimize the chance of injury.


Everyone has unique fitness needs based on their health and lifestyle. The difference between a good personal trainer and an excellent personal trainer is dedication, motivation and consistency.

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