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Lower back strengthening exercises such as light aerobics help to create a stronger back as a whole. Lower Back Strengthening exercises courtesy of Wiki How

Lower Back Strengthening

The lumbar region of your spine supports the majority of your body. Approximately 80 percent of people will suffer from a back injury sometime in their life, with the majority hurting their lower back. Muscle atrophy from inactivity is common to people who sit a lot or work in an office environment. Start a lower back exercise routine to improve lumbar strength and prevent back injuries.

Determine if you already experience acute lower back pain. If so, book an appointment with a physical therapist so that they can prescribe exercises that will strengthen your back while reducing lower back pain.

  • If you experience low back pain or joint problems, make sure your aerobic and lower back strengthening exercises are low-impact. Running, jogging and jumping can aggravate low back pain.

Resource // Wiki

Lower back strengthening exercises such as light aerobics help to create a stronger back as a whole.

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