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The Be Fit To Go Weight Loss App is a professional food and activity logging tool that can only be activated by an authorized nutrition counselor. You login to the app using your smartphone,  entering your username and password that was provided by Design by Fitness when your web based cloud account has been set up.

Fully Customized Fitness & Nutrition Plan at your fingertips!

Your nutritional and weight management goals are loaded onto your web cloud account, then pushed to the Be Fit To Go App. These nutritional and weight management goals include your daily calorie budget, goal weight, BMI, macronutrient ratios and other important factors that attribute to better overall health, nutritional habits and weight control.

How it Works

Once you login to the Be Fit To Go App you can log foods and activities to track your daily amount of calories consumed or burned during activities, and compare those numbers entered at during your personal training sessions.


Be Fit To Go App’s cloud account also allows logging online via a web based portal. Regardless if you log on your smartphone or the cloud account online, all data is sync’d up and down.


Your unique logged information can then be viewed and monitored by Ron Aigle, Design by Fitness Founder and CEO, for better coaching and compliance to your personal plan in real-time!


During your first free consultation, Ron will discuss your fitness goals and explain his personal training programs. Once you start your personal training, you will be provided with unique login details to begin the Be Fit To Go App.

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The Client Intake Form is provided for Design by Fitness personal training clients wishing to participate in the Be Fit to Go Weight Loss App program. Your details will not be shared with any third-parties and are kept in strict confidence. Try and answer the questions to the best of your ability. Thank you!

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